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Dear friends near and far,

Welcome to the Sribuaban Witthaya Khom Website. This is our first web-experience and we have many hopes that it will be a window to look in and look out. 

With this web-site, we have tried to give you a feeling of what our school is, where we are and what we do. I would like to invite all who are interested, teachers, students, families and individuals from all parts of the world to extend a hand of interest and friendship and know that we will be very happy to accept you as part of our community. We want to develop through this medium.

We have included facilities of interest in this site for our students and hope that they will move to use the web as a tool for communication and learning through our ownership of this site. It is intended that they will see the internet as accessible, easy and powerful. It is theirs.

I would hope that if you have any questions about our school here that you would ask.  We hope to develop podcasts for students to live a little on the web. Most of the podcasts will be in Thai but I also wish that students of English will try this as well. Teachers should get involved and it would be great to see this development being managed by our staff and students here.

I hope that we can update our pages regularly so I invite you to return and see how we're progressing. Please keep in touch by use of our guestbook and of course email would always be cheerfully received.

Until another time, I wish you well.

 Thongchan Srikhamthae.

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