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Sriwitthayapaknam School: (Thai & English)Probably the premier Thai school website in the Kingdom. Updated daily with blogs, news, achievements and fun. Educational in a big sense of the word with cultural background, Thai language learning and fantastic communication facilities.   

Krooclub: (Thai)This is a resource website organised to aid teachers with their professional development and ongoing career development. It contains a large amount of well organised research material and some typical examinations for candidates sitting for teachers administration qualification .

Wat Pa Ka Primary School Saraburi

Wat Pa Ka Primary School. Saraburi Province.
Another school administered by another member of the family. A delightful primary school within the precincts of a large rural temple. Beautiful teak construction with floors that just invite sitting on. A fantastic collection of Thai herbs growing in the cottage style garden at the front of the school. 


Sawasdee Thailand (สวัสดีไทยแลนด์): (English & Dutch) 

This site contains a comprehensive list of schools in Thailand with web sites.

 Nakhon Phanom Provincial Administration Organisation: This website outlines various attractions of the area, some activities including a 4 day trip from Ubon Ratchathani to Sakhon Nakhon with a day in Nakhon Phanom included. A cycling itinerary tracing the time of Ho Chi Minh's stay in exile in the region, but doesn't include ban Talae very famous for its dog meat!

The site lists transport modes of getting to the area from Bangkok and overall a very good intro to NP and surrounds. The opening page is in English

Commerce & Culture 

Kanthaidecor: A commercial site selling and promoting Thai decorative products in the west. Their catalogue contains beautiful items with a committment to sustainability 

logo of Edibly Asain website.

Edibly Asian. A beautiful website with a great collection of easy to do auhentic recipes of food from eastern Asia. There are selections o recipes from ay least 10 countries of the region. Comprehensive instruction, beautiful images,  

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